Cayo Santa Maria Weather

Before taking a trip, it is always a good idea to check the cayo santa maria weather. Knowing what the weather is likely to be like makes packing much easier. Thankfully, the weather in Cuba Cayo Santa Maria is almost always beautiful, so you’ll really just need to pack your swimsuit and light, summer clothing. Of course, if you forget anything there are plenty of locally owned shops selling beautiful clothing. This makes a great purchase that you can show off to your friends when returning home. However, it is still a good idea to know what kind of heat to expect and if it is likely to rain when visiting Cayo Santa Maria.

Average High Temperature

The average high temperature in Cayo Santa Maria is almost always in the 80s. December through February the average high is 81, which is why it is such a beautiful location to visit during the winter months. In march the average is 82, which jumps to 86 in April. In may, the average high is 88 while the temperature has a high of 90 from Jun through September. October the temp starts to cool down with an average high of 86 and then an average high of 84 in November.

Average Hours of Sunshine

You’ll receive plenty of sunshine during your visit to Cayo Santa Maria. From September through February, the average number of sunshine hours is seven. In April and May this increases to eight. June you’ll see the number dip to seven, while it jumps back up to eight for July and August.

Days Seeing Rainfall

Rain does occur throughout the Caribbean, but usually it is just for a few minutes here and there. The same is true for Cuba, but you are not likely to experience too much rain at all during your stay in Cayo Santa Maria. In January you’ll see seven days experiencing some rainfall. February and March this number drops to six, while April has just five days seeing any rainfall. In May, 11 days have some rainfall, which jumps to 15 days in June, 13 days in July and 15 days in both August and September. October is the high with 16 days seeing some sort of rainfall before dropping to nine days in November and seven days in December. It is important to understand the rainfall is usually not long lasting. It might rain for a few minutes and then clear up. Thankfully, there is so much to see and do around Cayo Santa Maria it really doesn’t matter what the weather decides to do.

For anyone who is visiting Cayo Santa Maria, having this clear understanding of the weather really shows when to visit and how to pack for the trip.

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