What to Pack for my Trip

What to Pack for my Trip

what to pack on my trip to CubaThings to pack

With your trip to Cayo Santa Maria Beach coming up, you need to ready your luggage and make sure you are packed. Now, it is always better to slightly under pack than overpack. After all, it might save you on luggage fees and most of what you forget or don’t bring you can easily pick up while visiting. These items you pick up instantly become great take-home pickups. However, you should still prepare yourself with a few odds and ends to at least ready yourself for the coming trip.


Shorts and t-shirts always work well. If you want to protect your skin a bit more go with a free flowing top or pants. Don’t do anything heavy, but instead a linen pair of pants and shirt can work great. These can actually cool you off, if you aren’t trying to stay out in the sun all day.

You should also bring a hair and sunglasses. The sun is out for most of the time and it can really creep up on you. By bringing a hair and sunglasses you protect yourself from the constant rays. Sandals are a must, but also bring a comfortable pair of shoes for walking. There are some great shopping locations and visitor destinations where your sandals will not be the most comfortable.


Sunscreen is a must in Cuba. Also, bring lip balm with SPF protection in it. Lips can burn easily and dry out with the salty ocean air. By doing this you can protect yourself from uncomfortable sun burns. However, just in case, packing along some aloe is always a smart idea. It is inexpensive and can fit with your luggage. If you are prone to burn or just want something soothing after a hot day in the sun, put your container of aloe into the fridge inside of your hotel room. This way, it is ice cold when you apply it.

Document Copies

Take a photo copy of your passport and travel information. One issue with traveling to Cuba is the lack of a real U.S. presence (outside of a military one). Recently the U.S. Embassy did open back up though, so it is easier to obtain copies, in case you have it lost or stolen.

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