Olds Cars

Olds Cars

Automobile Museum collection – Old Cars Havana

This is a collection of the oldest cars in Havana, located in Mercaderes street, right passing the corner of the Ambos Mundos Hotel in Old Havana, Cuba. Address: Oficios Street #12 & Jústiz. Old Havana. Another good place to see old cars in the city is facing the Capitol and also at the Parque de la Fraternidad nearby. You will encounter a huge collection of mostly 1950s cars, all parking and also as taxis. There is a governmet company called Gran Car that offers taxi service (check with the hotel reception). See Jay Leno on Classic Cars in Cuba. Continues below photo slider…

Havana Old Cars

When visitors first arrive to Havana and the rest of Cuba, one of the first noticeable differences from anywhere else they have been (even other Latin American nations) is the presence of classic, antique cars, many of which are in pristine condition. Fords, Cadillacs, Buicks, Chevs, all from the 50s or earlier looking as if many of the cars just rolled off the assembly line. How is this possible and why is Cuba such an amazing living car museum?

When the threat of communist invasion swept through the United States and remained present in other locations around the world, the U.S. put a trade embargo on Cuba, preventing just about any sort of goods or products coming in and out of the U.S. to Cuba. Prior to this, Cuba had been a desirable travel destination and became a highlight location. American cars were imported both for locals and for the celebrities and wealthy travelers entering the country. However, when the embargo went into place, all import of future cars and replacement parts became scarce.

With the influx of new vehicles scares, owners had to maintain their vehicles with the utmost care. Some cars even have specially designed fuel injections that bypass the fuel tank and go directly into the engine (the salt from the ocean water easily corrodes and rusts the underside of vehicles, causing the exposed gas tanks to break down). Due to this, the nation truly is an antique and classic car lovers dream due to the pristine beauty.

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