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Cuba is truly one of the most under visited and under appreciated countries, yet it offers so much beauty and wonder. While this has occurred primarily due to political issues between it and the United States, these issues are starting to resolve and visitors from the United States are not finding it easier to check out the country than in decades past. This is one of the go to travel spots of the country, and while it is a small strip of land separated form mainland Cuba, it has all sorts of benefits and attractions to offer.

There are several major and important hotels scattered around the ocean side of this key. Some of the larger hotels that accommodate hundreds of visitors a day include Sol Cayo, Melia Las Dunas, Melia Cayo Santa Maria and Melia Buenavista. These four hotels provide intimate locations right against the beachhead, each of which has private beach access and all sorts of amenities and attractions for visitors to take in.

In order to experience this destination, there are two different available options. First, there is a roadway that does cross over the bay created between this island and the mainland. It is also possible to travel to the area by boat as it just depends on the departure location for visitors. However travelers decide to visit this tourist destination, it is an incredible destination that is sure to provide a world class vacation stay that is unlike anything else visitors have experienced.

The next time anyone is looking for a vacation getaway, this is the place to be. It offers world class amenities and an experience few American citizens have been able to take in. Now though is the time for visitors to come and see what Cuba has to offer.