How to get there

How to get there

Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba: How to get there.

For travelers looking to hit the beautiful beaches and sunshine of Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba, planning for transportation is a must. Unlike other destinations though it can be just slightly trickier to do. That is because it is still somewhat difficult for American travelers to fly direct to Cuba due to the trade embargo. While there are some exceptions, such as for work or schooling, in terms of tourist travel, travelers will have an easier time flying out of Canada or Mexico (depending on what option is cheaper and closer for them). Ultimately though, making it to Cayo Santa Maira isn’t a serious issue, as long as some general planning is performed.

Flying into Cuba

The closest airport to Cayo Santa Maria is the Abel Santa Maria Airport. There will be more international flights going into Havana for those looking for a less expensive flight. For passengers departing to Cuba from North America, again traveling to either Canada or Mexico is easiest. Flights do depart from Toronto, Mexico City and regional airports in Mexico. The Toronto to Havana flight is around five hours so not a long flight.

Transportation to Cayo Santa Maria

Once in Cuba it is easier to then fly into Abel Santa Maria. The drive from the airport is around 90 minutes. When booking flights for the domestic flight it can be done through the aid of a travel agent (many U.S. based online travel booking websites do not provide domestic bookings inside of Cuba). However, it is also possible to book the flight when in the Havana airport. There are several domestic flights every day and the flights are usually not completely sold out so buying tickets the day of typically isn’t a problem. If that fails to work, there are multiple bus trips to Santa Clara doesn’t take long and taxis from the Havana airport can take passengers to the bus station.

When in Santa Clara airport, there is an air conditioning bus. When booking a complete vacation package, all of the transfers including this bus is usually included. The entire bus ride is about 90 minutes. Taking a taxi from the airport to Hotel Cayo Santa Maria Cuba is available as well and provides a faster, direct route, although it does cost more. Ultimately though, it is not a long trip and once in Cuba the transportation to Abel Santa Maria Airport is pretty straight forward and doesn’t take long to accomplish.

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Toronto flights

Flights from Toronto seem to be the most direct way to travel to this resort. From Havana could be a long trip.