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Cayo Santa Maria – Havana deals


Touring the beauty of Cuba while visiting Cayo Santa Maria is an awesome experience. From the Spanish colonial constructions to the blast from the past cars, brilliantly colored buildings and amazing beaches, there really is something for everyone. That doesn’t mean you need to take off days from your oceanfront vacation though, which is why the Havana by Night package offers a fantastic opportunity for you.

Havana, the capital of Cuba, is also the cultural capital of the nation as well. The day trip provides air transportation to the city, which stands as the largest populated Caribbean city by population. Once on the ground, a guided tour shows off some of the city’s highlights, including Old Havana. The UNESCO World Heritage site is a beautiful reflection on the early foundation period of the city while neighboring New Havana (better known as Vedado) is home of Revolution Square, the start (and end) of the Cuban Revolution.

Some additional stops including visiting shopping markets and enjoying a delicious lunch while away form the beachfront. While just a window into Havana, it helps paint a portrait of city life and opens up the capital to future exploration. If you have any extra time while visiting Cuba, a few days in Havana is well worth the trip. Of course, if you decide to spend every single day with Cayo Santa Maria nobody would blame you at all.

For the perfect day excursion away from the beach and into the heart of the island, Havana by Night is the perfect opportunity.