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While visiting Cayo Santa Maria, there are plenty of other amazing cuba destinations to experience while in Cuba. If visiting from the United States, it can prove somewhat challenging to continually visit the island nation, at least for the time being, so fitting as much as possible into one trip is always a great idea (while remaining at a comfortable pace, of course). These are some of the top destinations to take in outside of the breathtaking resort.


Havana is a must. First, if you’re flying into Cuba chances are you will make a stop over here. While stopping over, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to spend a few days in the nation’s capital just to injure the amazing experience. One of the great things about Havana is you feel as if you have walked right back into the 1950s thanks to all the classic cars, building designs and paint colors. That alone makes it worth a visit.


This is a fantastic beach destination that is perfect for swimming, not to mention the sand is as soft as your hotel room sheets. You can visit Varadero as a day trip from Havana, or you can spend a few days here yourself. Whatever you want to do, it really just depends on what sort of time you have in Cuba or what you’d like to see.

Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco is one of the top resort destinations on the island. It is a small island with exceptional views and great private beaches. It isn’t terribly crowded yet there is plenty of glass bottom boat tours, scuba diving and even catching a ride on speed boats.

Santiago de Cuba

There is plenty of history found in the streets of Santiago de Cuba. This is where the Cuban Revolution came to an end and there is plenty of culture here. There are also festivals throughout the year and is the spot to be in if you’re looking to take in the Festival of Fire (Carnaval de Santiago to locals).


Found along the western coastline of Cuba, this is a short drive form Santa Clara, which in turn is just a short bus or taxi ride from Caya Santa Maria. There are romantic cobblestone roads curving throughout the city and it really reflects the Spanish colonial elements. You can even ride on a 1900s steam engine train that provides tours throughout Valley of Sugar Mills.

Awesome Destinations

While traveling to Cayo Santa Maria, you will find various remarkable vacation spots to enjoy throughout Cuba. If you are coming from the United States, it could turn out difficult to visit the island nation, at least for the moment, so fitting whenever possible into one trip is a smart idea (while staying at a pleasant place, obviously). These are hotspots to take in outside of the spectacular destination.